Last Chance Santa.

Things I definitely need to find and get before dec 25.

1. Flask for drunk uncle or aunt. Or for both, drunk uncle and aunt.

2. Nostalgic shit for Nostalgic brother.

3. Black Acne Atacoma Wedge Shoes for girlfriend.

as well as this

and this

4. A couple of mugs for my sister.

5. Packaged macaroons for my mother

6. A mustache comb for my father.

7. UFO sweater for lil’ hipster cousin.

8.  An ugly doll for my little godson.

9. Beatles Rockband for everyone else.

10. and the rest for me.

The Jean Luc Godard Collection

Lanvin High Tops

His and Hers Toggle jackets.


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  1. terren

    hello your blog is my favorite ever. i think if i were a boy i would be you. good job loving lexa. she da best.