For those of you who have been familiar with this blog for some time… you’ve obviously noticed some of the buttons on the top. One of them Store, I presume. And from the quantities of emails I receive most of them turn out to be either people asking if I can label my images or people asking me what’s with the store? Well now I can safely say, that in a few months I will be opening up a little pop up store on the blog. The store is called the Rarity Club and will consist of interesting things I’ve collected so far in my life. Who knows, what I might give away considering my personality. You might find a rare Are You Afraid of the Dark board game for sale (wink, wink), or maybe even those vintage Gucci shirts you see people wearing that you want, I don’t know maybe vintage records? With each thing I sell, I also hope to put up a little “history” about the item aswell.

So anyway, in the following weeks I’ll give you updates on the store.

Au Revoir,

Materialistic Boy.


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