When did model become beauty?

I’ve had this topic on my mind for quite a while now, and it has to pertain to the history of modeling. Much like how I wonder who decided to eat an egg from a chicken,or who saw a cow and decided to squeeze it’s teat, and thus drink what came out of the cow, I wonder who decided to use a beautiful person as a model? In general, the definition of a model is someone who is hired to display or sport a certain product ranging from clothing to commercial and other general products. What is it that made us want to see beautiful people walk down a runway, rather than people that represent us (The average looker, the short person, the round person, etc.) Not that I’m discriminating against beautiful people, it’s just ratio-wise not everyone in the world is”visually beautiful”. We give lots of money for people to walk down runways, pose for editorials, travel the world, just so we can admire their beauty? Sure, modeling is a demanding job…but honestly what job isn’t? I’m not mad or angry, I’m just curious. Why can’t a” non-beauty” (whatever you find unattractive) be a fashion runway model. What time and point in fashion, did people decided that it would be exclusively for a certain type of person. If anyone knows anything about how society, culture, whatever happened in the past that made it this way, then please pass it on. I’m intrigued to know.



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2 responses to “When did model become beauty?

  1. There are also a lot of people who have become fashion icons, and while not being “classically beautiful,” they are still very interesting to look at. Sophia Coppola is someone who comes to mind.

  2. It’s only since the 90’s that models have been so skinny, before they were supposed to be healthy looking – and thats why they were chosen as an ideal – because everyone aims to be healthy?