An 11 year old frustrated with Tavi.

I’m sure all of us are familiar with her.

I really have no opinion on the matter. Tavi Gevinson, of course.But from what I can understand there’s been a bit of a backlash from actual fashion editors and now some fashion bloggers. But what I found interesting was this criticism from a online forum written by someone around Tavi’s own age group. An eleven year old. The same age Tavi was when she began her blog. So I’d thought I’d post it, since it’s an opinion from someone not over the age of 18.

Well seeing as I’m 11. I guess I can possibly comment on her? No? Yes?

Tavi is hyped. And it is specifically because she has chosen to reiterate herself (thoughts, ideas, etc.) to the fashion sphere. Now don’t get me wrong, she is bright. But so are the thousands to millions of distinguishable youths that can compose concertos, or the ones that attend programs that are designed specifically for the gifted. Even my own peers, who don’t go to such programs have contracted high gpa’s and dare I say can write even better than Tavi. FYI, a good writer can instill a sense of their own character and imperative declarations (i.e. Sassy Magazine,  hipster columnists such as Peaches Geldof and Alexa Chung, and of course Tavi,…) but a great writer is someone who can strip their own wry-witted voice from a piece and still have it to be interesting or at least not have their voice be so overbearing in a piece. Would Tavi’s writing still be impressive if she stripped all her forced irony or clever “see, I’m still a kid at heart” lines out of her posts? Something I’m still unsure of. But then again, I don’t think Tavi will ever have to write about the epidemic of Darfur or the plights of Street Art vs. Vanadlism in NYC for the Washington Post or New York Times, as her structure of writing fits and suits fashion jounalism. So I’ll leave her alone on that.  To give her the benefit of the doubt, I’m sure she means well with all of the 90s references, though I’m sure she hardly remembers anything as she was born in ’96 or ’97. I was born in ’99 so Lord knows I don’t know anything, other than the stuff people have told me about that decade. Which means she and I never got to experience shows such as Are You Afraid of the Dark, Rocko’s Modern Life, Ahh Real Monsters, etc. Stuff my sister go to indulge in as a child. Tavi does so cleverly pick up the “cool things” of the 90s though, such as Daria and Kurt/Courtney romance. Clever meaning, those were the things 20-30 years old would remember, seeing as they were teens then and sought those things as cool too. Funny enough that the main fashion blog demographic revolves around 20-30 years old. While people laugh at people who criticize Tavi, I laugh at the people who are so enthralled by her that they don’t realize that there’s alot of clever and bright kids out there in the world! Past and Present. Difference is Tavi, found a gullible platform. As an 11 year old I would like to know at what age it’ll be to where I’ll forget how clever and smart children are? Why do we underestimate our youths so much? Don’t get me wrong ,Tavi and I,… well basically all youths have the unfortunate bug of “I know everything!” when we in fact don’t. But come on people give us a little something!  From observance I can say in the nicest way possible, that Tavi’s fans are ignorant. Well no not ignorant, it’s just that they seem to overlook certain things in exchange for a deity, much like religion. In all, am I saying that being hyped is a bad thing? Absolutely not, because alot gifted youths are hyped as well. All I am trying to say is that, she’s nothing but a hype that appeals to the latter generation of the 90s. Sorry let me re-write that she appeals to the “cool” (i.e. hipsters) of the latter generation of the 90s, and  to some teens who also want to seem cool (i.e. again, hipsters). Does hype necessarily mean she’s not going to make it? No. Because once something is hyped it will most of the time be invariably successful. So don’t take my hype as being mean, Tavi. Hype worked for Kings of Leon, no?

After reading this you’ll probably dismiss me as someone who couldn’t be eleven, because it’s scientifically impossible. The only bright eleven year old (now 14) in whole world is Tavi 🙂

An eleven year old frustrated at some people who can’t possibly process in their head that there are other people like Tavi in the world that don’t choose to use the internet as a platform like she does.

To be honest I find this whole  “fashion blogger” heirarchy ridiculous. I have a fashion blog, because I love fashion and love to post about my favorite stuff. I don’t expect or hope to turn my blog into a business. I don’t accept invitations to fashion shows for the sole fact that Lanvin or Acne noticed that I had a fashion blog, I don’t take pictures of myself looking nice in my trendy clothes, and I don’t ever put advertisements on my blog. And that’s personally me, that doesn’t have to be you. If you want your blog to become a business, let it be. Oh, and to the eleven year old. I’ll agree with Tavi that Daria is awesome, but I’ll agree with you on the fact that she has yet to experience the brilliance of Are You Afraid of the Dark and The Adventures of Pete and Pete.


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