R.I.P. Saola, the Asian Unicorn.


Asian Unicorn Saola Dies Captive – The animal known as the ‘Asian Unicorn’, the Saola, is a rarely captured or seen animal which lives in the Annamite Mountains bordering Laos and Vietnam. Not much is known about these creatures, as they are very elusive and they are an endangered species. The animal, sadly, dies in captivity.

There are no Saolas in captivity in zoos, and scientists don’t know much about the animal, which makes it much harder to look after the creature and maintain its survival. Similar to an antelope, the Saola was only found in existence in 1992. It is know as the ‘Asian Unicorn’ due to its rarity, two long horns and white facial markings.

Laotian authorities have banned the capture of the Saola due to conservation reasons. Scientists and conservationists are concerned as to why the villagers captured the animal. The World Wildlife Foundation has spoke out about the illegal trade involving the Saola, which, due to their rarity, are a prized trophy of wild game hunters.

Dr Pierre Comizzoli, a veterinarian working with the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, said scientific examination of the saola’s carcass could yet yield some good. “Our lack of knowledge of saola biology is a major constraint to efforts to conserve it. This can be a major step forward in understanding this remarkable and mysterious species,” he said.


This isn’t fashion related, but I just felt so compelled to post this. This story is such a lesson to  humanity.

The things we so desire, we end up destroying through quest.


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