Dear Kanye…

Why can’t you get it through your delusional mind that YOU caused this whole debacle. If you would’ve just shut up… Taylor Swift wouldn’t have gotten so many fucking sympathy votes (i.e.her always on the news, and her Grammy award). People would’ve seen her winning the award and found her just as it was, undeserved. But no, you, being the egotistical bitch that you are had to say something. And you know what, if you’re going to say that George Bush doesn’t care about black people… say it with some force, not like some pussy. Because of you Kanye, I have to hear about Taylor Swift more than anyone needs to hear about her. Of course she’s riding your wave, you started it! Why should she apologize? If it’s anyone that needs to apologize, it’s you for getting us to the point where Taylor Swift is literally shoved down our throats. Stop blaming others for your mistake.  Honestly, you can’t be this thick in the head Kanye? Afterall, you did write a song about yourself being a douchenozzle, or wait did you think everyone thinking you being a douchebag was just some kind of joke?

And to the people who love to stick up for Kanye, who I dub to be the same as the woman who think they’re abusive husbands who beat them will change, wake up! This isn’t the first time he’s ever interrupted someones awards speech or done something douchey.

And to everyone else, I’m really sorry because I really don’t like to discuss this stuff on my blog, as it certainly doesn’t correlate to my topics, but I’m just so tired of hearing about Kanye West and Taylor Swift,irrespective, the incident or just them alone. If this VMA event hadn’t had happened, Taylor wouldn’t be as overtly praised as she is, and Kanye would just be another somewhat talented jerkoff, therefore not having people subject themselves to Team Kanye or Team Swift.



“Yo Kanye…Imma’ let you finish but Rakim is one of the illest lyricists of all time.”


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