Motive for Blog.

Greetings and Salutations.

It’s about time, I’ve finally succumbed. I now have a blog.

“Materialistic Boy” what’s it mean? Well quite literally it means I’m a Materialistic Boy. Im very obsessed with fashion, and about 2 hours of my life is basically dedicated to viewing all of my favorite blogs. Another 3 hours of my life is dedicated to getting the stuff I want. In recent months, as I viewed other “Materialistic” blogs I felt this aching pain in my heart. I noticed all the things that I want or strive for, are materialistic. It’s  a painful addiction, and YES I’m ashamed. So why do the blog? Well, I figured if I just blog about the things I want, I’m not going out and actually buying it (Lord, help me if I can get this far) . I also think if I keep on blogging this way I’ll become even more disgusted with myself. Thus opening my eyes to more important things.



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