I avoided the stampedes by shopping online.

Black Friday! Luckily with age comes wisdom, and I definitely utilized online sales today. I haven’t participated in physical Black Friday events since a near fatal incident three years ago that resulted in my friend getting trampled and my brother dry heaving…too long to explain. Anyway, seeing as I’ve been quite conservative with my money lately, I saw it fit to treat myself. As much as my family tries, my Christmas presents have never really been that great, so I told them to just donate the money they would’ve used  to buy my presents to charity, while I just by my own presents.


Things I bought.


1. Balenciaga Bomber Jacket.

2. Band of Outsider Polo

3. Bear Claw Slippers (thanks for helping me choose).



4. Balmain Double Breasted Coat.


5. Thermal Insoles  (every New Yorker needs these).


6. Silver Fisherman Hoodie

7. Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player

8. ASOS Metallic Suit


9.Big Ass Lanvin for H&M Bow Tie



10.  Miles Davis Bitches Brew Session


Googly Eye mittens, because like Christopher Walken I love anything googly eyes.



Tickets to the Pee-Wee Herman Show on Broadway! Cannot Wait! I will surely wear my metallic suit, big ass bow tie, and Bear feet slippers to the show.




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